The Babies

Our Baby Rooms - Little Ducks & Shiny Stars

We currently have 2 baby rooms - Little Ducks and Shiny Stars! 

We follow the 'Birth to 3 Matters' framework (please see the Birth to Three' page for further details).

We believe that the early years is the most important step in the journey of self-discovery.  In Mini World we have key-workers who have an essential role.  Their role is to give young babies the support they need and to create a base for loving and secure relationships.


To develop social skills we encourage our children to play together to develop friendships and share new experiences.  Some activities to encourage this are playing with our treasure basket or 'messy play' with gloop, paint or jelly!

We encourage our children to learn physical and sensory exploration, exploring the world through touch, sight, sound, taste, smell and movement.  The babies are regulary taken on walks in the spacious grounds of Maes Y Llan School to experience nature and their surroundings.



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